Want to get an idea of what I like? This is the place to start. Here are 10 essential albums, in no particular order, to get you started. This is not a top ten list, just some good tunes.


Pat The Bunny – Probably Nothing, Possibly Everything

Raw, Acoustic, Folk-punk by the man himself,  Pat Schneeweis.

Bad Religion – Generator

Classic 1992 “punk” record from the incredible Bad Religion. Marks the shift to the band’s modern sound.

Brand New – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Groundbreaking 2006 album marking Brand New’s shift to  harder post-rock perfection.

the Mountain Goats – The Coroner’s Gambit

John Darnielle, an acoustic guitar, his Panasonic RX-FT500 boom box, and some of the best song-writing on planet Earth.

Built To Spill – Keep It Like A Secret

Stays true to BTS’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic of layered guitars and punchy drums, while being the band’s most accessible record.

 Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

Experimental, instrumental, incredible.

mewithoutYou – Brother, Sister

Half spoken, Half screamed vocals. Lyrics drawn from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim spiritual writings. Experimental post-hardcore instrumentation. Somehow still amazing.

Russian Circles – Empros

Full of hard and loud layers of crunchy guitar with none of that silly singing nonsense.

Sleater-Kinney – One Beat

One of the best from Sleater-Kinney. That’s saying something.

 The Stooges – Raw Power

Iggy Pop produced and mixed by David Bowie. Everything you ever dreamed of.